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Climate and energy

Transport, especially road transport, and fossil energy use such as oil-fired heating are the largest sources of emissions in Oslo. While total emissions have risen since 1991, emissions per person have declined.


Total greenhouse gas emissions

Indicator ES.4.1 Total direct greenhouse gas emissions in Oslo
Last value: 1.4 Million tonnes2012

Per capita greenhouse gas emissions

Indicator ES.4.2 Per capita greenhouse gas emissions in Oslo
Last value: 2.2 Tonnes2011

Municipal greenhouse gas emissions from fossil heating

Indicator ES.4.6 Greenhouse gas emissions from fossil heating in buildings used by municipal agencies.
Last value: 3000 Tonnes2013

CO2 emissions from public transport

Indicator ES.4.7 Trends in CO2 emissions from public buses and boats
Last value: 70000 tonnes CO22013

CO2 emissions from municipal vehicles

Indicator ES.4.8 Trends in CO2 emissions related to the municipality's own and leased transport vehicles.
Last value: 3090 tonnes CO22013

Carbon footprint of municipal agencies and undertakings

Indicator ES.4.9 Trends in direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases from Oslo's municipal agencies and undertakings, divided into emission sources.
Last value: 666894 tonnes CO2 equ.2011

CO2 emissions from district heating in Oslo

Indicator ES.4.10
Last value: 27044 tonnes CO22012