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Oslo has a particularly rich and varied flora and fauna, with a high diversity of species and habitats. The main challenges in this area are development, overgrowing of extensively managed agricultural landscape and the spread of non-native (alien) species.

This broad diversity of species and habitat types is due to the close proximity of fjord and inland areas to each other, the presence of bedrock that gives rise to calcareous soils, and the favourable local climate.



Sub goal ES.7.1 By January 2010, 1517 localities had been registered within 38 different habitat types. They amount to a total area of 33.63 km2, or 7.42% of the total area of Oslo, including freshwater.

Invasive non-native plant species

Sub goal ES.7.2 New species that do not belong in Norwegian nature are frequently discovered. Some of these pose a threat to local nature. In Oslo, it is particularly the plants giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam and pale swallowwort that pose a considerable threat to biodiversity.