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Air quality

Air quality in Oslo is generally good, although the levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (PM10) emissions present challenges. The main sources of pollution are road traffic and the burning of fuel wood.

At times, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10) may exceed statutory limits in the Pollution Regulations.


Emissions of particulate matter

Sub goal ES.6.1 Particulate matter is categorized according to size. The most important particulates are those measuring less than 10µm (PM10), as well as less than 2.5µm (PM2.5).

Nitrogen dioxide – NO2

Sub goal ES.6.2 Nitrogen dioxide pollution comes mainly from exhaust fumes.

O3 - Ozone

Sub goal ES.6.3 Here, we refer to ground-level ozone. The main sources of high ozone levels are weather conditions and the transportation of pollution from afar.